Organic pasta

The LaSelva range of organic pasta represents the traditional taste of Italian pasta, crafted through entirely organic processes. Production with wheat cultivated using natural and sustainable methods allows organic pasta to be enjoyed healthily and in harmony with the environment.

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Organic pasta

LaSelva offers you the opportunity to discover the authentic taste of Italian pasta, made with 100% organic processes.
We are passionate about quality and sustainability, and we are proud to present our range of organic pasta, consisting of durum wheat pasta, whole wheat pasta, and rice, all strictly organic.

Our organic pasta is made with wheat cultivated using natural and sustainable methods. The result is pasta that is healthy for our well-being, as well as environmentally friendly.

Every bite is a sensory journey, a taste experience that will lead you to rediscover the genuine flavors and traditions of family gatherings.

Choose LaSelva for superior quality organic pasta and an absolutely authentic culinary experience.