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LaSelva Organic Winery

Come and discover LaSelva Organic Winery: we await you at Poderone in Magliano in Tuscany.

La struttura della nostra Cantina Bio
filosofia laselva

The structure of our Organic Winery

Our winery is only partially visible from the outside because most of the structure is located underground.

The stone cladding and the grass-covered roof integrate it with the landscape, making it very efficient, well-insulated, and maintaining constant internal temperature and humidity values throughout the year. The photovoltaic system on the roof produces part of the energy needed for its operation.

The numbers of our production

Our organic and vegan wines mature in 40 stainless steel tanks and approximately 100 barriques and tonneaux, with a total capacity of 3,600 hectoliters.

Our current production is 220,000 bottles per year.

The philosophy of our Organic Winery

For us, grapes represent nature, and wine embodies culture.
It is precisely between nature and culture that our work as winemakers lies.

Our wines of great character are born from passion and love for ecology, thanks to the meticulous care of vineyards and soils.

Our philosophy is to work with indigenous grape varieties to create wines that represent the ultimate expression of our territory. We aim to bring the joy of rediscovering the complexity of flavors and aromas of our beloved Maremma to the glass.

Extensive viticulture

The keyword for high-quality organic wine production is Extensive Viticulture.

Fundamental aspects include vine density and targeted yield reduction. With a reduced number of clusters per vine, each cluster can mature optimally, allowing us to bring healthy grapes with strong and aromatic flavors to the cellar: hence the quality of our wines.

Careful work in the vineyards throughout the year is the fundamental prerequisite for achieving excellent results in wine production. Soil cultivation, pruning, yield reduction, and manual harvesting contribute to ensuring that the potential of the land, ideal for its location, climate, and terrain, is exploited to the fullest.

i nostri vini biologici

Our organic Wines

We produce organic wines that are authentic and genuine, striking a balance between tradition and innovation, while respecting the nature and the land from which they come. Audacity, conviviality, and generosity: these are the qualities we aim to express through our wines.

The excellences from home

Prima Causa, Colli dell’Uccellina, Ciliegiolo, and Pugnitello are the historic wines of Cantina LaSelva. They are produced with infinite care and patience, selecting only the best grapes to ensure the highest quality.

Each wine matures in French Allier oak barriques for several months until it has reached its maximum expression. Not surprisingly, these are our most awarded and sought-after wines.


Vermentino, Rosato, Sangiovese Bianco, Privo, and Morellino are the symbols of our territory. Tradition and modernity blend to create young and dynamic wines, among the finest expressions of Maremma and its terroirs, which are expressed with fresh and lively notes.


Avorio, Sangiovese, and Selvabianco are our most straightforward wines. Authentic, sincere, fresh, and youthful, they accompany you through the most genuine and unadorned aspects of Maremma. They represent a rediscovery of the true origins of wine, characterized by simplicity and love for the land.

For more information about LaSelva Winery’s wines:

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wine tasting


35 hectares on hilly terrain with clay-rich soils rich in minerals and limestone.
Our cultivation areas include the lush vineyards of the Uccellina Natural Park, on the Tyrrhenian coast, the pristine vineyards near the LaSelva estate, and the vineyards in the hills surrounding the winery, between Magliano and Cupi.

Vineyard work and Climate

Since the beginning of its history, LaSelva has cultivated its vineyards according to organic production standards, with meticulous manual work, guided by love for nature and its balance.
Climate: well-ventilated thanks to its proximity to the sea; warm and dry in summer

Grape varieties and Organic Certification

Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Malvasia Nera, Pugnitello, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Alicante for red wines; Vermentino and Ansonica for white wines.
Vine density: approximately 5,000 vines per hectare. Training system: spurred cordon and Guyot.
Yield: 1-1.5 kg/vine, corresponding to 40-70
Harvest period: from late August to early October.
Organic certification: ICEA, Naturland, and NOP.

Wine tasting

Those who wish to learn more about our wines are warmly invited to visit us. Every Wednesday, a guided tour will take you from our vineyards to the tasting room, passing through the cellar, of course. The tour will immerse you in the meticulous and passionate work we dedicate to the creation of our organic wines.
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