Organic pickled vegetables

Discover LaSelva's range of organic pickles, a captivating, genuine addition to enhance your dishes with Mediterranean flavors. Our organic selection embraces delightful varieties such as vegetable giardiniera, sweet and sour pearl onions, Tuscan sweet peppers, wine vinegar capers, and many more.

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Organic pickled vegetables

Discover authenticity in the kitchen with LaSelva’s organic pickled vegetables, the perfect touch to enhance your dishes with authentic Mediterranean flavors.
Our organic range offers a variety of delights, including mixed pickled vegetables, sweet and sour onions, Tuscan sweet peppers, and capers in wine vinegar.

These organic pickled vegetables are prepared with dedication and passion, using high-quality organic ingredients cultivated according to the strictest environmental standards.

LaSelva is committed to providing healthy and delicious products that respect the environment and your palate. Choose to immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of our country, while embracing sustainability and quality with every bite.