Organic tomatoes

Explore LaSelva's selection dedicated to Tuscan organic tomatoes, a symbol of quality and authenticity. Pasta sauces, salsas, preserves, velvety sauces, and many other products are the result of careful sustainable cultivation and simple, genuine preparation.

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Organic tomatoes

Organic tomatoes are the main ingredient or even the only one in the products you find in this category of the LaSelva shop.
The high quality of our Tuscan tomatoes stems from the care dedicated to them in the cultivation phase, with exclusively organic methods, from the respect for the soils they grow in, from the ripening under the summer sun that develops their organoleptic properties, and from the great attention we put into every step of the supply chain.

The passatas, sauces, preserves, velvety textures, and all the other products based on organic tomatoes from LaSelva are characterized by simple recipes, with few ingredients, respect for raw materials, and an intense flavor that brings back traditional tastes.

With our products based on organic tomatoes, you can create delicious dishes in just a few minutes, improvise appetizers with delicious snacks, always have the solution to quickly prepare a satisfying lunch or dinner.

Fill your pantry with LaSelva products and enjoy the color, flavor, and warmth of juicy tomatoes rich in natural aromas harvested in the summer months throughout the year.