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LaSelva operates under the EU Regulation 2018/848 on organic agriculture and is certified by Naturland and ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

Our certificates

LaSelva is controlled on the basis of the EU Organic Farming Regulation 2018/848 and is certified by Naturland and ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

Many steps are required to obtain and maintain the certification of an organic product. Every detail is meticulously recorded:
– Cultivation disclosures;
– Annual processing schedules;
– Traceability of purchases and production;
– All work in agriculture;
– Applications for label approval.

Almost every month, the company undergoes official inspections by certification bodies and agencies, both in agriculture and in processing.

Organic certificates of seeds, seedlings and raw materials are checked, and soil samples are taken and crops analysed.

Only real and constant compliance with all regulatory requirements for the production and processing of organic products guarantees the safety and transparency of our products.

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Naturland Fair

Naturland Fair is a voluntary additional certification that combines organic farming, social responsibility and fair trade. With Naturland Fair, producers and companies can prove that food can be produced in harmony with people, the environment and society.


IFS FOOD examines a company’s processes and products in order to verify its ability to produce safe, authentic and quality products in accordance with legal requirements and customer specifications. LaSelva relied on DNV for this certification.

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