Organic spelt

LaSelva's Organic Spelt is cultivated with passion and care in the Tuscan lands. These products, made with few genuine and high-quality ingredients, are based on organic spelt.

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Organic spelt

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of LaSelva organic spelt, cultivated with passion in the fertile Tuscan lands.
Our spelt soup is a celebration of genuine flavors, thanks to selected vegetables and a few simple ingredients to bring tradition and sustainability to your table.

Spelt, rich in nutrients and with a enveloping flavor, becomes the protagonist of an experience capable of enriching your kitchen with taste.

LaSelva offers you the goodness of organic and love for tradition, offering you a spelt that nourishes both the body and the soul.

Delight your palate with the authentic goodness of LaSelva organic spelt and treat yourself to a moment of flavor and well-being.