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The territory: organic farming in Tuscany

We at LaSelva have been dedicated to organic farming in Tuscany for over 40 years. Since its inception, our company has operated in the southern part of the region, specifically in the area known as the Maremma Grossetana.

How we obtain fertile fields

The fertility of the soil is preserved through particular cultivation methods:

  • The soil is not plowed but worked with a subsoiler to avoid inverting the active layers of the soil.
  • Weeds are controlled using mechanical means such as a grubber or a rotary harrow.
  • Organic matter is constantly maintained and enriched with nutrients through the use of self-produced manure.
  • We also use compost, obtained from the collection of all organic substances such as straw, cattle manure, pruning residues, and vegetable processing waste, which are mixed with the soil and allowed to mature.
Come otteniamo Campi Fertili Come otteniamo Campi Fertili

How we use the fields

Our lands are utilized as follows: 90% cultivated area (of which 60% is nitrogen-fixing plants), 10% Mediterranean woodland and uncultivated land.

Currently, on our organic farm, we have:

  • 182 hectares of alfalfa and grasslands;
  • 152 hectares of cereals (barley, oats, and wheat);
  • 73 hectares of total vegetables;
  • 37 hectares of vineyards;
  • 31 hectares of fava beans;
  • 8 hectares of olive groves;
  • 7 hectares of orchards;
  • 200 head of Chianina cattle;
  • 155 head of Appennine sheep;
  • 220,000 bottles of wine produced by our Winery.

These numbers vary from year to year due to crop rotation and business evolution.

Our production takes place in two processing laboratories: one on the farm and the other in the town of Donoratico (Livorno) covering an area of 18,000 m².

Come utilizziamo i terreni Come utilizziamo i terreni
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