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The History

The story of LaSelva and a pioneer of organic.

If LaSelva is one of the most renowned companies in the national and international organic landscape today, the credit goes to the forward-thinking, dreams, and pragmatism of its founder: Karl Egger.

Even today, we follow his teachings and his attitude towards innovation. This is why we preserve the principles of tradition while introducing technologies that enhance manual labor and the quality of our products.

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The start

Karl Egger leaves his homeland, Munich, Bavaria, to move to the Maremma Tuscany, where he acquires 7 hectares of land to cultivate fruits and vegetables naturally. On this property, he finds a farmhouse always named “La Selva.”
What drives him into this adventure is the feeling of having lost the authentic taste of food and the belief that intensive agriculture causes soil impoverishment.

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LaSelva and Naturland

In 1982, we begin cultivating the land. Around the same time, in Germany, Karl Egger participates in the establishment of the Naturland association for organic agriculture.
In 1984, LaSelva becomes the first company certified by Naturland outside of Germany. Dr. Richard Storhas, the first CEO and president of Naturland, and Mario Turri, an agronomist at the University of Padua, assist Karl Egger in making the right business decisions and transferring organic farming knowledge to company personnel.

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Collaborations and Specialities

Karl Egger realizes that producing preserves is the best way to enhance the products grown within the company and decides to directly process the freshly harvested vegetables from the fields around the LaSelva farmhouse. To develop the project, he begins collaborating with various local artisan producers.
During this time, the first specialties are created, preserved in glass jars, and begin to be sold.

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Corporate Transformation

In the early ’90s, we built a laboratory for fruit and vegetable processing directly within our company. The fruits of the land begin to be harvested and processed without leaving our company borders, thus enhancing their freshness, aromas, and flavors. To ensure the highest quality, we use efficient modern techniques and meticulous manual work. Additionally, in 1995, the first room of the LaSelva farmhouse was rented out.

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New Facilities and the Web

In 1996, we decided to acquire ownership of the processing plant “La Dispensa di Campagna” in Donoratico (LI). Thanks to this investment, the tomatoes grown in our fields can be processed on-site.
In 2003, we completed the construction of the LaSelva Winery in the Poderone area, near Magliano in Tuscany. This project enables us to produce wine in the Morellino di Scansano territory.
In 2004, we ventured into online sales by launching the first LaSelva online shop.

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2006 – 2015
The Second Generation

Between 2006 and 2010, ‘LaSelva di Karl Egger’ and ‘Agricola dell’Origlio’ together became LaSelva Società Bioagricola arl.

2015 was an emotional year as LaSelva celebrated 35 years of activity, and Karl Egger, the founder of the company and a pioneer of organic farming, decided to hand over the leadership of the company to food technologist Christian Stivaletti. For two years, Stivaletti had been contributing to the management of the company with his experience in production, environmental matters, workplace safety, and quality control.

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A new certification

The farm obtains Naturland Fair certification.

2018 la storia laselva naturland
The evolution of the laboratory

The company laboratory is expanded and modernized, obtaining IFS Food certification.

2021 la storia laselva
Beginning of 2023
LaSelva keeps growing

The construction of a new building at LaSelva is completed, housing a new warehouse, refrigerated cells, new offices, and a panoramic terrace, covering a total area of 1750 square meters. A 50 kW photovoltaic system on the roof, replanted old olive trees, and 150 newly planted shrubs and trees ensure ecological balance.

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LaSelva in Italy and in the World

Our organic company spans over 800 hectares and produces a wide range of gastronomic specialties and organic wines. Most of our products are gluten-free, yeast-free, and lactose-free. We embrace the vegan and ‘free from’ philosophy, starting from tradition to meet contemporary needs. Our products are available in the Italian market and in international markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavian countries, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, United States, and Japan.

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