Organic seasonings

Discover LaSelva's selection of Organic seasonings, perfect for enhancing and giving a unique flavor to any dish. The uniqueness of these products lies in the high quality of the raw materials and the approach to organic cultivation.

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Organic seasonings

Every cook, whether a professional or a cooking enthusiast, loves to resort to special seasonings, those ingredients that are added to dishes to enhance their flavor, elevate their taste, or make their flavor even richer and more original.

Our seasonings stand out from ordinary flavor enhancers because we have always focused on the quality of raw materials and organic farming practices. Every ingredient used in LaSelva’s seasonings is cultivated and harvested without the use of chemical products or genetically modified organisms.

Here you’ll find our salt sourced from the Margherita di Savoia salt pans, vegetable broth made only with carefully selected vegetables, and capers in sea salt: all available within the Shop.