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Sustainable breeding

Sustainable breeding is an essential element of our circular business system.

The choice to breed two particular breeds of cattle and sheep was not accidental.

Chianina's sustainable breeding

Our sustainable breeding of noble Chianina cattle, typical of Tuscany, is an integral part of organic farming because these animals are both consumers of forage and legumes and producers of valuable organic fertilizer.

The cows and bulls that live on the farm are key players in our closed-loop production.

mucche laselva mucche laselva

Appenninica sustainable breeding

LaSelva is recognized as a breeder of Appenninica sheep, which graze on freshly mown fields or in the large spaces left for grazing.

Since they are not a dairy breed, interest in these sheep has gradually decreased. Through the breeding of these sheep, we aim to contribute to the preservation and survival of this breed.

ovini laselva ovini laselva
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