Organic rice

The LaSelva selection of organic rice comprises products characterized by the use of genuine and high-quality raw materials. In this category, you'll find both the foundation for cooking quality organic rice-based dishes and risotto preparations, allowing you to enjoy gourmet meals in just a few minutes.

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Organic rice

Explore the world of organic flavors with LaSelva rice. Within our selection, you’ll find black rice, characterized by its dark color of whole grains and robust flavor, capable of offering a truly original culinary experience rich in taste.
LaSelva also offers mixed preparations for vegetable risotto and porcini mushroom risotto, extremely practical solutions for preparing gourmet dishes right at your home, along with the benefits of organic.

Cultivated with care and love for the environment, LaSelva rice offers you superior quality and taste. If what you’re looking for is a cuisine based on sustainable and high-quality products for your special moments, choose LaSelva.