Organic vinegar

LaSelva's selection of organic vinegar includes high-quality vinegar from the renowned Modena and its prestigious vineyards.

From the elegance of balsamic vinegar to the simplicity of apple cider vinegar, products made with passion and respect for nature to add various flavor nuances to your dishes.

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Organic vinegar

From the renowned city of Modena and its precious vineyards comes LaSelva organic vinegar, the pure essence of Italian excellence. Our balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP enchants with its complexity and depth, a symphony of flavors in every drop.
The balsamic creams, enveloping and velvety, are the perfect signature to add an extra note to many sweet or savory dishes, while white wine vinegar adds irresistible freshness.

Crafted with passion and respect for nature, all our organic vinegars transform every kitchen into a stage of authentic taste.

Choose LaSelva, where tradition meets quality, and gift your dishes with the harmony of unique and unmistakable flavors.