Our pasta is made with organic Italian durum wheat semolina. It is bronze drawn and dried at low temperature to give it a porous texture and excellent cooking resistance.
1 kg
Store in a dry place, far from heat sources and protected from light.
Origine materie prime
Durum wheat from Italy
The careful selection of raw materials and respect for traditional production methods allow Penne LaSelva to retain any type of seasoning. So you can use them to create first courses of any kind, from the classic to the more imaginative or gourmet ones.

Durum WHEAT semolina*. May contain SOY and MUSTARD. *from organic farming

Legal name

Pasta from durum wheat semolina

Valori medi per 100g

Energy 350kcal
Energy 1485kJ
Protein content 12g
Carbohydrate 71g
Of which sugars 2,5g
Absolute fat content 1,3g
Of which saturated fat 0,3g

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