Ready-to-use organic sauces

The LaSelva Organic Ready Sauces represent the constant commitment to the quality of raw materials and Italian culinary tradition. Our sauces, made with organic ingredients, are the perfect solution for preparing delicious dishes in just a few minutes.

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Ready-to-use organic sauces

Our Ready-to-Use Organic Sauces are the result of a constant commitment to the pursuit of quality and Italian culinary tradition.
Each sauce is prepared with carefully selected ingredients, sourced from our organic supply chains, cultivated in harmony with the environment and people, produced through processes that enhance the genuine and authentic flavors of the raw materials.

Our Ready-to-Use Organic Sauces are the ideal solution to bring tasty dishes to the table in just a few minutes.

You can choose from over a dozen products based on vegetables harvested at full ripeness and quickly transformed into delicious condiments. Imagine dressing pasta with a country-style sauce, a porcini mushroom or artichoke sauce, a vegetarian bolognese, or preparing imaginative crostini with Baharat or Habanero sauce.

Stock up your pantry with a wide range of LaSelva Ready-to-Use Organic Sauces, try the classic ones and those with exotic flavors, and surprise everyone by creating new and delicious dishes in just a few minutes.