Organic ketchup

The LaSelva organic ketchup encapsulates the traditional and intense flavor of Italian tomatoes and the exotic touch provided by spices.

The recipes of the various variants are made up of few and simple ingredients, organic and of the highest quality.

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Organic ketchup

Our organic ketchup is made exclusively with Italian tomatoes cultivated in harmony with the environment and people.
The ingredients we use in our various recipes are very few, of high quality, completely natural, and organic.

In this range of products, you’ll find five variations of organic ketchup:

  • Classic;
  • “Dei Piccoli” (for Kids);
  • Spicy;
  • Hot;
  • With Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI.

In these delicious sauces from LaSelva, you’ll discover the fusion of traditional Italian flavors, foremost among them the taste of sun-ripened organic tomatoes, along with exotic flavors.