Organic tomato sauces

Explore the selection of LaSelva Organic Tomato Sauces: designed to dress pasta in no time, create simple and delicious bruschettas, or accompany your main courses. The range spans from gentle sauces, suitable for children, to bold-flavored sauces, with the addition of chili or vegetables.

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Organic tomato sauces

In the Organic Tomato Sauces category at the LaSelva shop, you’ll find a range of products perfect for dressing pasta in an instant, creating tasty bruschettas, or accompanying main courses.
You can choose from delicate sauces, also suitable for children’s palates, or those with a bolder character, with chili pepper or various varieties of vegetables.

Both the tomatoes and the individual ingredients used to create our sauces come from organic farming, many of which directly from our fields, and are carefully selected and expertly incorporated into the recipes.