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Wine knowledge


Wine must rest at a constant temperature and far from light sources to prevent undesirable oxidation processes. During this phase, the cork is in contact with the wine and does not dry out. Temperature changes, instead, lead to ongoing exchange of air with the outside, due to the wine’s fluctuating volume levels. This, as well as contact with light, can lead to oxidation and quality deterioration. The ideal temperature for wine ageing is 16 ° C.

Every wine should be drunk at the right temperature! The lower the wine’s alcohol content, the fresher it must be served. Generally, white wines are served at a colder temperature than red wines. White wines preserve their aroma and freshness at a temperature of 10-12°C, while more complex white wines may be served also at a temperature of 15°C. Important and complex red wines must be served at 18°C while elegant, textured red wines at a temperature of 16°C.

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