Vines and vineyards


Vineyards: 35 hectares of hillside vineyards on clayey soils rich in minerals and lime.
Our cultivation areas include the lush vineyards of the Natural Park of Uccellina, on the Tyrrhenian coast, the unspoilt vineyards at the LaSelva farm and the vineyards on the hills surrounding the wine cellar, between Magliano and Cupi.

Work in our vineyards: from the start of its history, LaSelva has cultivated its vineyards according to organic production standards, relying on attentive manual work and the love for nature and its balance.

Climate:well ventilated owing to the proximity of the sea; warm and dry during summer.

Vines: Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Black Malvasia, Pugnitello, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Alicante for our red wines; Vermentino and Ansonica for our white wines.

Density: around 5,000 vines per hectare. Farming method: spurred cordon and "Guyot".

Harvesting: 1-1.5 kg/vine, corresponding to 40-70 quintals/hectare.

Harvesting period: between end of August and start of October.

Organic certification: ICEA, Naturland and NOP

The careful work we put into our vineyards throughout the year is essential to achieve excellent wine production. Soil tillage, pruning, yield reduction and hand picking help ensure that we make the most of our land, thanks to its ideal location, climate and character.
Extensive viticulture is the keyword for producing good-quality organic wine. The density of the vines and targeted yield production are key aspects. If there is a lower number of bunches on every vine, the grapes can ripen better, allowing us to grow healthy grapes with a strong and aromatic taste which is reflected in the quality of our wines.

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