Safeguarding resources


The responsible use of existing resources starts in our company. At LaSelva we grow and process the majority of the raw materials that we use for making our products. This allows us to check and optimise the consumption of the natural resources resulting from our business.

Using water

We pay attention to the economical use of resources. The water we draw from wells for irrigating our fields is constantly measured and monitored to reduce waste. Where possible, we prefer using drip irrigation systems to ensure an effective and responsible use of water.

Photovoltaic systems

Since the end of 2010, LaSelva has used photovoltaic systems on all of its operating premises in order to cover a part of its energy needs. Overall, these systems have a 998 kWp capacity. The energy generated is used for meeting the energy demands of the farm’s cultivation and processing activities.

Packaging materials

When it comes to choosing our packaging material, the safety of consumers is our number one priority. Glass is an inert packaging material and has a high barrier effect, meaning that it offers excellent protection of products. We are committed to continually optimising the use of glass packaging. Glass is completely recyclable. A certain percentage of recycled glass is in fact always present in the composition of packaging glass.


The quality of soil is vital for obtaining our genuine and tasty raw materials. This is why delicate soil tillage and the maintenance of soil fertility are absolutely key factors. Take a look at the soil preservation measures we take.

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