Peaches with ricotta cream


2 egg yolks
60g of powdered sugar
500g of Ricotta cheese
LaSelva Tuscan honey
550 ml of cream
Fresh peaches or alternatively Peaches in syrup LaSelva
LaSelva White dressing

PREPARATION TIME approx. 15 minutes


| Beat the egg yolks with 15 g of powdered sugar. Mix the ricotta with a little honey and gently mix with the egg mixture. Whisk the cream with the remaining icing sugar and add to the ricotta cream.

2 | Peel the fresh peaches, slice them into cubes and mix with the ricotta cream. Alternatively, drain the LaSelva Peaches in syrup from their liquid and serve with the cream. Decorate with LaSelva White dressing.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION | Per serving: 1749 kJ; 417 kcal; 15 g proteins; 26 g fat; 29 g carbohydrates