Refreshing, light, and slightly sweet. This drink brings the colour and warmth of the Maremma into your glass.


Are friends coming to visit you in the afternoon, or do you want to provide a memorable welcome drink to guests arriving for your dinner? This cocktail is perfect for such occasions. In fact, its sweetness and bitterness, as well as its velvety texture, make it irresistible. This old-fashioned cocktail is best served in grandma's teacup.


We have created a version of the spritz that is rich in floral notes and ideal as an aperitif due to its sour and aromatic qualities.


A refreshing and versatile aperitif made with orange juice.


Bengodi is one of our favourite beaches in the Maremma, and we VermOUTh lovers can't get enough of a good refreshing drink when we return from the sea. So, let's grab some ice and make our own Maremma mojito.


With a Vermouth such as this one it is impossible not to make one of the most famous cocktails of all time: the Negroni. This is the king of Italian aperitifs based on our VermOUTh!

White VermOUTh

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Red VermOUTh

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