Our quality


Ever since its creation – over 35 years ago – LaSelva has strictly complied with all protocols protecting product safety and quality. The HACCP system monitors all work processes and ensures the traceability of both finished products and ingredients used.
Sensory assessment and laboratory analysis accompany all of our processing processes, and we perform periodic analysis of soil and water. As a result, we have constant control over all production activities.
Many steps are required to achieve and maintain the certification of an organic product over time. Every detail is meticulously recorded: communications regarding crops and annual processing programmes, traceability of purchases and production, total farming activities, and label approval requests. Certification bodies and organisations monitor our farming and processing activities almost every month. The organic certificates of our seeds, seedlings and raw materials are checked. Soil samples are taken and crops analysed. Only full and constant compliance with all regulatory guidelines for the production and processing of organic products guarantees the safety and transparency of our products.

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