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Organic Farming

Organic farming allows us to obtain vegetables with genuine and intense flavors, which can be transformed into excellent products.

The meaning we give to "Organic Farming"

Engaging in organic farming means cultivating healthy and high-quality foods while respecting the environment, biodiversity, and animal welfare.

Since 1980, even before the arrival of European directives on organic farming, we have managed LaSelva in southern Tuscany according to the principles of organic agriculture, striving, as much as possible, to grow the raw materials needed for our processing on the farm.

allevamento laselva allevamento laselva

Our Organic Farming methods

We firmly believe that the intense and natural flavor of food is achieved through love and care for the land, cultivated according to the principles of organic farming.

On an agricultural area of over 600 hectares, we cultivate vegetables, fruits, vineyards, as well as cereals and fodder for animals, which are an essential component of our closed-loop organic farming, contributing to soil fertilization.

We follow careful crop rotation, alternating crops of cereals and vegetables over the years, as well as forages and pastures.

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