Natural food


„We often find ingredients in foodstuffs that aren’t strictly necessary, but are only used to dilute them and make them cheaper, not to improve them“ states Karl Egger. He then goes on to indicating the strong point of LaSelva: „The intense, original and natural taste of vegetables without any useless additions, carefully crafted processing techniques and simple recipes from the Tuscan tradition have always been a source of inspiration to me.“
Natural food: sowing, harvesting and processing are all carried out by the same company. This is the secret of our high-quality products and long-lasting success.
The increase in the request for organic products goes hand in hand with the growing desire for transparency and authenticity as regards the origin and quality of organic food. LaSelva is ready to answer any request and invites its customers to visit our farm. Customers may take part in guided tours which explain our organic farming methods.

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