Cantina LaSelva


Cantina LaSelva is located in Poderone in Magliano in Toscana. It is only partially visible from the outside because most of the structure is underground.

The stone exterior and green roofing blend in with the landscape and make the structure very efficient, well insulated and with a constant internal temperature and humidity all year round. The solar panels on the roof produce part of the energy necessary for its operation.

Our organic and vegan wines age in 40 stainless steel vats and about 100 barriques and tonneaux, for a total capacity of 3,600 hectolitres. Our current production is 220,000 bottles per year.

Our wines

Grapes are nature; wine is culture.

Our work as winegrowers is situated right there, between nature and culture. Our passion and love for ecology, and our meticulous care of the vineyards and soils, give our wines great character.
Our philosophy is to work with native grape varieties to create wines that are the full expression of our region.

Through our wine, we want to convey the complex flavours and aromas of our beloved Maremma. We produce authentic, sincere wines that balance tradition and innovation, that respect nature and the land they come from.

Boldness, conviviality and generosity: this is what we want to express through our wines.


Le Eccellenze di casa “Our wines of excellence”
Prima Causa, Colli dell'Uccellina, Ciliegiolo and Pugnitello are the historic wines produced by Cantina LaSelva. They are produced with infinite care and patience, selecting only the best grapes to guarantee the highest quality. Each wine ages in French Allier oak barriques for several months until it reaches its maximum expression. It is no coincidence that these are our most popular and award-winning wines.

Espressioni “Expressions”
Vermentino, Rosato, Sangiovese Bianco, Privo and Morellino are the symbols of our region. Tradition and modernity merge to create young, dynamic wines with fresh, lively notes, among the best expressions of Maremma and its terroir.

Origini “Origins”
Our most genuine wines are our Avorio, Sangiovese and Selvabianco. These authentic, sincere, fresh and young wines are a true reflection of the Maremma region, without frills. The rediscovery of the true origins of wine, made with simplicity and a love for the land.

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